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I. Participant¡¯s Information
First Name Last Name
Title Prof.       Dr.       Mr.      Ms. Affiliation
City Zip Code Country
E-mail Telephone Fax

II. Tour Reservation
  1. ACCOMPANYING PESON¡¯S PROGRAM (Free of charge for accompanying persons)
Tour Code SP-1 SP-2 SP-3 No. of Person
Program Yangdong Folk Village
& Korean Confucian
(Min. 5 person)
Kimchi Making
(Min. 5 person)
Tongdosa Temple
(Min. 5 person)
Date 8/31
  Tour fee (for others): SP-1/USD 80, SP-2/USD 50 , SP-3/USD 40
  2. POST CONGRESS TOUR PROGRAM (Free of all attendants)
Tour Code PCT-1 PCT-2 PCT-3 PCT-4
Program Feel the Ceramic &
Traditional Wedding Ceremony
(Min. 10 person)
Tea Ceremony & Beomeosa Temple
(Min. 10 person)
Zen Experience
(Min. 10 person)
All of Busan
(Min. 5 person)

Tour Code Program Tour Fee No. of Person Date
M-1 ¡°Busan Attraction¡± USD 30
M-2 ¡°Beauty of Korea¡± USD 30
M-3 ¡°River & Sea¡± USD 30
¡°Temple & Fortress¡± USD 30
A-1 ¡°Market Tour¡± USD 30
A-2 ¡°Enjoy Sea¡± USD 30
A-3 ¡°History of Busan¡± USD 30
N-1 ¡°Beautiful Haeundae¡± USD 30
¡°Gaya Tour¡± USD 30
F-1 ¡°All about Busan¡± USD 50
F-2 ¡°Ancient city Gyeongju¡± USD 60
F-3 ¡°Seoul City Tour¡± USD 280
F-4 ¡°Jeju Attractions¡± USD 560
T-1 ¡°Feel Ceramics¡± USD 50
T-2 ¡°Making Kimchi¡± USD 50
T-3 ¡°Enjoy Traditional Wedding Ceremony¡± USD 70
T-4 ¡°Visiting Tea Museum¡± USD 50
Grand Total USD  

III. Payment
Please charge to my VISA,     Master Card,    American Express
(Serial No. in case of AMEX - 4 number printed on your card )
Card No.:
Total Amount : Expiration Date :
Cardholder¡¯s Name :
Cardholder¡¯s Signature :
Telegraphic Transfer Remittance: (The bank transaction commission will be the sender¡¯s charge)
I remitted the total amount on date by bank transfer through my bank to the following.

Beneficiary : Kim¡¯s Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Account Number : 211-JSD-100282-9
Bank Address : Korea Exchange Bank (Yeoksam-dong Branch) 838, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080, Korea

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