Pibimbap (Rice with Vegetables) :

Pibimbap, a favorite around the country, is made by adding seasonal vegetables that have been seasoned and stir-fried to rice and red pepper sauce. Tolsot(stone spot) Pibimbap is served sizzling hot in a stone pot that keeps the rice and vegetables warm all the way you are eating.


Pulgogi (Barbequed Beef) :

Sometimes called nobiani-kui, which is second only to kimch'i in familiarity among foreigners. When the meat is seasoned and broiled ahead of time, it is called nobi-ani kui, but when all the meat is broiled at the table, it is pulgogi. The most tasty pulgogi is broiled quickly over a very hot charcoal fire on a specially designed griddle which collects the juice at the bottom.


Samgyet'ang (Ginseng chicken soup) :

Chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng and dried jujubes, steamed and served hot.


Kalbi-tchim (Beef Rib Stew) :

It is made by slow cooking seasoned beef ribs, vegetables and water tohether for a long time, making the beef extremely tender. Pork kalbi-tchim can be also made using the same recipe, but adding a little ginger to cover the strong pork smell.


ShabShab (Clear Stew with Meat, Vegetable & Noodle) :

It's clear stew, you put meat, verified vegetables & noodles while it's boiling. It's very popular between Korean if you prefer something clear.


Kimbap (Laver Rolled Rice) :

Rice, thin strips of cucumber, pickled radish, strips of beef and eggs and vegetables rolled in laver seaweed.


Kalguksu (Hand-made Noodles) :

Sliced homemade noodles boiled in beef or chicken stock.


Ttokppokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cake) :

Rice cake sticks stir-fried with beef an vegetables in a peppery sauce.


Toenjang Tchigae (Soy Bean paste Stew) :

Soy bean paste is a main ingredients of this stew, along with various vegetables.




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